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Makorra, Korra makes Mako take him out on his cop!bike. Cute riding close and shenanigans.

"Please let me ride it."


"Pretty please," she pouted.

Mako sighed.  ”Fine but if we get in trouble you have to tell Beifong it was your idea because technically it’s not my bike.”



"Wrap your arms tightly around me."

"I thought you’d never ask," Korra said, her breath brushing against his bare neck.  He gently pinched her leg.  "Ow."

"I have to concentrate while driving or we’ll crash and it won’t be pretty."

"Spoil sport."

He smirked as he revved the engine.  ”Like I said, hold on tight.”  She shrieked as he took off.

They zoomed through the streets, swerving between cars and taking a few turns with a little too much speed.  Korra couldn’t stop grinning.

Her hands, however, were cold.  Mako was warm against her cheek.  ”It’s cold,” she said as she managed to worm one hand into his jacket on his chest.  He accidentally tightening his grip on the accelerator.  The bike jerked forward.  Mako quickly regained control and pulled the bike over.

"What was that for?"  He yelled as he kicked the kickstand down.

"My hands were cold."

"I’ll say!  It was like you put ice down my shirt."

"So no more bike?"

He pinched the bridge of his nose.  He really couldn’t refuse her.  ”Yes we’ll keep going but you’re going to wear my gloves.”

"What about-"

"Firebender," he paused.  "Actually you are too why didn’t you just heat your hands up?"

She tried to look innocent as she shrugged.  ”Woops.”


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shippyfairy sent: hey, can you explain why there's a makorra 2.0 and a makorra2.0 tag? I can't find an explanation anywhere of what it means. why are there so many makorra tags?

That was for when there was so much hate in the makorra tag that the fans moved all the good stuff to 2.0. Looks like that might be happening again =/

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